Thursday, January 20, 2011

Message to Myself

Just a short post today because I am tired. I woke to the sound of Indy's deep growl at the foot of my bed (which is never a good thing) very early this morning. He was just doing his job (good dog!) but I hadn't planned to be awake so soon.

Anyway, continuing on with my hand self-portraits, here are two I worked on today. The first has just a snippet of my fingers, but it kind of shows my soul, really. My love for the beauty of this province is immense. Every single day, I get to look at mountains and trees and the ocean. You cannot live here without feeling a deep connection to nature. Any time I can be outside breathing in fresh air and hiking, with my husband and best dog in tow, that's what I'm doing.

That big starfish you can see is an souvenir from my last trip to Artfest in 2009. Penn and I were beach combing at the ferry landing when I spotted it. Normally, I prefer live creatures to remain alive, in their own habitat, but it was high up in the tide line and completely dried up. I've never seen one of this variety before-usually the starfish here are either thick fat purple ones or they are shaped like the sun and are deeply submerged. I figured finding this one was a gift and brought it home. It's been in my studio with the rest of my beachcombings ever since.

This one is about something someone once said to me. A friend, John Nunnah once wrote me a note on a scrap of paper that said

 "You were born to be a leader. You will surely be one."

I've kept that note for 22 years. It was one of the most meaningful things anyone has ever said to me and I am still awed that he felt moved to write it down. I carried those words in my heart all these years.


Today has been a banner day. I got a phone call and email that was some very exciting news. I'll be sharing it here once it's a done deal, but it's really cool and was a lovely surprise. Actually, come to think of it, I've been showered with all manner of good things in the last week:

 Vivienne gifted me with her class, which you can see by my posts I am enjoying immensely. Thank you Viv!

Jeannette Janson had a give-away on her blog and I won second prize, which was a $10 gift certificate to spend in her Etsy shop. Thank you Jeanette!

 And then this mysterious phone call and email today that just put my happiness over the top. Thank you Mystery Caller!

Yes, I'd say that 2011 has been interesting so far. I love it when the new year starts off like this. Not unlike how 2010 started off, come to think of it. I'll take all the good kharma I can get!

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