Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Things Aplenty!

First of all, the magic mailbox was very good to me last week. My husband brought me a piece of mail which at first glance, I had no idea where it had come from. After I flipped it over I saw the return address and I couldn't get it open fast enough!

Awhile back, I'd sent a thank you note to Brain Williams for the autographed photo he'd sent me, which was taken at the 2010 Olympics. Turns out, this piece of mail was a thank you note for the thank you note. *laughs* That's Prairie manners for ya! It just goes to show that Mr. Williams is indeed, the nicest guy in television. Maybe someday I'll be really lucky and our paths will cross. You just never know! I do believe that anything is possible.

My friend Pilar sent me this beautiful birthday card, which is from her original painting Goddess of the First Thaw. I just love her soulful work and she is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She's always sending me cards to say hello or to cheer me up. Everyone needs a friend like her-she's a gem. Take a minute to check out her Etsy shop-she has some wonderful work available!

Starbuck's send me a birthday postcard for a free whatever I want. YAY! I'll be stopping by my local shop for a frappe soon. Free is good!

See? I told you my birthday morphs into a month-long celebration! I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm also getting excited as the time to purchase my new DSLR camera with birthday money gifted to me by family and friends draws near. I'm still doing my homework so I can make an educated purchase, but the plan is to have it in my hands by Mother's Day. I am also planning to take Vivienne's You Are Your Own Muse in the fall as well. I figure by then I will have had time to learn the new camera enough to be able to continue my exploration of self-portrait photography. I had such a good experience in Wading In and I am excited to learn more. If you missed my interview with her, you can find it here.

Another thing I am really happy about is that my husband got us tickets to see Little River Band in the fall. We have 4th row seats! It's his favourite band of all time and I like them too. Their music has been the soundtrack of our life together. My husband owns all their albums and we've listened to them a zillion times over the years on our road trips. We were lucky enough to see them at the PNE last summer at an outdoor concert and it was fabulous. Their music conjures up such good memories for us and we're looking foreword to this "date" in the fall.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, my fingers have been flying as I write some articles for a new project I am involved in. (which is why things have been so quiet around here!) I am really excited about it and I'll share the details soon-the unveiling is scheduled to take place next month!

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