Monday, July 04, 2011

Light Hunters, Day 3

Here are my Light Hunters photos from yesterday. I just poked around in my back yard, in our veggie garden. I call this one The Unbearable Lightness of Dill. I love dill. We grow it because we also grow Pontiac potatoes, the same potatoes my Gramps always planted. Freshly dug baby potatoes with butter and dill out of the garden are one of the finest pleasure of summer. Sometimes I go outside and rub my fingers on the dill plants just so I can smell it. It's heavenly.

This one's The Secret Life of Peas. (I didn't intentionally come up with these names-they just popped into my head.) Did you ever look at a pea in such a way? See the veins in the shell and the baby peas forming inside? That is the magic of the sunlight shining through.

While this shot wasn't part of my Light Hunters work, I thought I would share it anyway. This is Dexter, my Goddog and Indy's little brother. (Same parents, next litter.) He belongs to my best friend. We had a BBQ last night and our boys got to hang out. It's funny watching them together because just like people, dog siblings share similar mannerisms. Dex was very good about letting me take his picture-he doesn't think I'm stealing his soul like Indy does.

My Rebel is getting a good workout. I am so pleased with the quality of photographs I can get with a DSLR. The colours are so clean and crisp and I love that you can focus on an object in the foreground and have the background blurry. It's so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
You may have noticed I've added watermarks to my images. I found a really great program that does it for free. I like the idea of this because, as you know, there are people out there in cyberland who will just help themselves to your art. (NOT COOL!) It's called Picmarkr and it's super simple to use. You can add whatever text you want as your watermark or you can choose a symbol instead.

Okay, off to shoot images for today!
HAPPY 4th to all my friends across the line! I hope you have a great celebration!


Sarah said...

Look at that handsome dog!

Sarah said...

Look at that handsome dog! (With his handsome brother!)