Thursday, July 07, 2011

Light Hunters, Day 6

 I was out snapping photos just before dusk, trying to get yesterday's assignment done, but I missed the most opportune time to capture the kind of light we were supposed to be looking for. Sometimes life gets busy and despite your best intentions, things like this happen. No matter-I found other things to focus on and I feel kind of impressed with myself that I've been shooting daily and coming up with photos I am happy with.

When I went out last night, Indy followed me out into the back yard and wonder of wonders, sat nicely so I could take his picture. I've learned to use the sports setting when I photograph him-I hold the button down and it shoots multiple frames in one go. This is necessary because as I've mentioned before, when I try to take his picture, he acts as if the camera is going to steal his soul. If I don't snap fast, I'm out of luck.

Indy's coat is incredibly shiny. That in combination with being black makes it hard to photograph him at the best of times. I find that it's easier taking outdoor photos in natural light where the grass or the water is a good backdrop for a black dog.

Anyway, this is my beloved boy who is my heart walking around on four furry legs. I am ruined forever for any other dog. (Or breed for that matter.) Labs have just the best spirits. He had me at "Woof!"

This is a cedar tree in our yard. I am really not a fan of cedar trees, truth be told, but they're are everywhere on the west coast. The bark is pretty though, in its own way. I liked the way the shadow and light wrap around the trunk.

No idea what this is-some random weed in the wild part of the yard. I shot it as the evening rays were hitting it, just before the sun dipped below the fence line.

This was a totally random shot. I used my Gorillapod and stood on the edge of the retaining wall. Sometimes the most interesting shots are the ones that aren't posed or framed too carefully. I like this just for the contrast in textures. I never thought I would enjoy shooting self-portraits so much, but I do.

The weekend is gearing up to be really busy. It will be a challenge to squeeze in class time, but I will do my best. Back soon!

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Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I laugh every time you talk about the camera stealing Indy's soul...that is so hilarious!