Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Light Hunters: Favourites

 Every day, there's a ton of eye candy waiting for me when I go to see what my classmates have done in the Light Hunters class. As much as I learn by doing, I also learn alot from looking at the work of others. Here's a peek at some of my favourite images, created by my classmates: (You can click on the credit list below to be linked to each artist.)

On Sunday we went out to Steveston, which is a little fishing village which grew up around a salmon cannery. It's located on the south arm of the Fraser River and its harbour is home to a fleet of 600 fishing boats. It's been the local for shooting The X Files, Stargate SG1 and Charlie St. Cloud.

16 is a sign posted on the outside of one of the cannery buildings. I have a thing for numbers and I liked how chipped this sign was and the weather beaten boards.

Here's a shot of part of the fleet. We had fish and chips for lunch and afterwards I found one of those souvenir penny presses and cranked out another embossed penny for our collection. My son and I have pennies pressed from our travels all over north America. It's a tradition to make one whenever we happen across those machines and we've been doing it since he was little.

There was a large group of local firefighters standing in front of the machine and I had to ask them to step aside so I could use it, which lead to a conversation about what it did and what I did with the pennies after. We have a small book with pockets that we bought in Wall, South Dakota that holds them all. I explained that you can either put them in a book like we have or make jewellery from them. They're really quite cool. Honestly, I just make them because it's fun and each of the pennies we have holds good memories of somewhere we've been.

After lunch, we headed over to a local park along the water, to the off leash area so Indy could have a swim. I got to shoot some blur shots for class along the way.

I took this one sitting on the bank while Indy fetched his water Kong. It was so peaceful and the view of Mt. Baker (across the border, in the US) was gorgeous.

It's hard to believe that there's only 5 more days of Light Hunters. It's gone by so quickly! Time flies when you're having fun!


Vivienne said...

so loving this post and seeing your favourite images of your classmates!

also swooning over all of your images!


Silver Sisters said...

Wow, beautiful!
I wish I could have joined that class. Next time. There's nothing like exploring in depth like that.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing my favorite thrifted $25.00 boots featured here. So fun to see all the images.

deb did it said...

I am swooning here. Thanks for the links! and what a fantastic collage! I used to live in Everson, WA, just beyond the Sumas Border crossing...we were close neighbors?