Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swan Dive

Nice View

I came across this crazy little window on Saturday, which is situated in a stairwell in a parkade. (I shot it from outside on the street.) The window, as you can see is barred and filthy. Someone decided to graffiti some text on it, (it looks to be professionally done) which I think is hilarious.

During the course of the Chase, I spotted other weird little bits of things like this around and about, but just didn't have time to whip the camera out and capture them. I did however make a mental note of where I was, so at some point, I can go back and document them. I love quirky things like this. Vancouver is full of this sort of thing, if you keep your eyes open.

Speaking of photographs, I signed up for the next installment of Vivienne's fabulous photography classes. Swan Dive is set to begin a week from today!! I am really excited about shooting through the month of September and into the fall. This year I will be able to capture my most favourite season in a way I never have before. The idea of that thrills me.

You know how when you find something really, really good, you just want to share it? Well Vivienne's also just opened registration for Wading In and You Are Your Own Muse. If you been following my journey in her classes and thought maybe you'd like to sign up, now is the time! Buttons that link to all the classes I've taken so far are on my sidebar so you can click on through.

If you missed my posts during Wading In or Light Hunters, (or just want to read them again) use the handy little search box up at the top left and type in the name of either class. All the posts pertaining to it will come up.

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