Thursday, October 06, 2011

Magic Mailbox: Hallowe'en Petite Inspiration Swap

Last month I signed up for the Petite Inspiration Box: Hallowe'en exchange. I was assigned two partners and so I made two boxes to send out, which I shared a couple of posts ago. This week, the magic mailbox delivered the two boxes my partners sent. (Apologies for the darkness of the photos-I took them last night and the studio was gloomy in the evening with the rain.)

Jamie Vowell sent me this yummy book bundle along with her box, which is in the foreground with the vintage doily on top. The book bundle was so pretty I almost didn't want to untie it!

This pretty card was inside the parcel. Jamie lives in Bozeman, Montana. I just love Montana-it's so beautiful and the people are incredibly nice. I've vacationed there a fair bit and it's one of my all-time favourite states.

These were the goodies tucked into the matchbox. Acorns (real ones!), mini pumpkins, silk ribbon, a teeny silver shaker (adorable!), buckles, glass stoppers, string on an old spool, paper inchies, trims, a skull stuff!

Inside the book bundle was a selection of fabric pieces and more trims. I LOVE this piece. It's got a circular embroidered pattern to it and it's tea stained. I am so taken with it and I think I am going to make an ROD journal cover with it. I think it should stay in the largest piece possible to be used and it's perfect for a cover. I have a hand crocheted lace snowflake another friend gave me that her grandma made which I think would look cool sewn in top of this. Yes, I have plans!

My second partner was Diane Bouchard who sent me this fantastical crow box. Isn't it cool? She even made a crown for it!

It always amazes me how much you can pack into the wee drawer!


Ephemera, stamped fabric swatches, wee boxes of trinkets, a ceramic doll arm, trims, a vial of googly eyes, stickers, metal bits...

In addition to the box, Diane also sent extras: a container of spider putty (which reminds me of "slime" which was the "in" thing when I was a kid) which I WILL be playing with! Tons of cool trims and a bag full of ephemera.

I am so thrilled with everything they sent and blown away by their generosity. Thanks Ladies for spoiling me! I know that all these wonderful things will find their way into my various art projects!


Carol Browne said...

"Fantastical" is an awesome word. I should really try to use it more often. I love all your loot! I can't wait to see what you will make with it. Also, what will you do with the glass stoppers? The look cool, but what to do with them? Very intriguing.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

SUCH cool stuff!!! What an awesome exchange...I love the little spoon on the book bundle. Worth the exchange in and of itself...:)