Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Artchix Goodies!

By the Sea Talisman

Awhile back, Helga, owner of Artchix had a giveaway on her blog for some really cool wooden frames. I won! She sent me a trio of house shaped frames and a sheet of Nature Filled Houses transparencies to play with. Things got a little crazy around that time because my best friend was seriously injured in an act of dog and needed my help while she underwent emergency surgery to repair a broken knee. The goodies were set aside, but yesterday I finally got around to making something with them.

I printed four of my favourite sea images from the photography classes I've been taking since the beginning of the year and carefully centered them in the windows. I used gesso to age the house (I was going for a worn beach house look) and added some aqua highlights with watercolour pastel. I added a real tiny starfish and threaded some pretty sari silk through the top to create a talisman. I love little houses!

I still have two smaller houses to do something with, so I'll be working on those over the next couple of days, but I thought I would share the first one in the meantime. I think these would make cool ornies for the tree. You could tie them to the outside of a package as a pretty extra gift or put one at each place setting at your holiday dinner. There are so many ways to use these frames. I can't wait to see what the other winners did with theirs!

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Carol Browne said...

Ornies! LOLS! I love this word! And your beach house is adorable. I love that tiny starfish. He is now, officially, art. Love it.