Monday, November 21, 2011

Artist & Observer

The goodness of my weekend:

 Totem, Deep Cove

First Frost

These late days of Autumn on the west coast of Canada have been incredibly beautiful.

Lately, I've been pondering this photographic journey I've been on for the last 11 months. I think you can tell alot about a person by the photographs they take. It's a glimpse into how they see the world at any given moment in time, but also of what really matters to them. As I'm looking back at all the images I've shot this year, I can see themes developing. I keep discovering and uncovering parts of myself I didn't know about. Photography has allowed me to be both the artist and the observer.

When I'm out with my camera, I feel like there's a different level of awareness happening. It's almost as if everything becomes sharper somehow and I hone in on things that I might not ordinarily see. I shoot entirely on instinct.

 On the rare occasions when I am without my camera, my brain is constantly taking mental shapshots around the city of things I want to come back and capture with my camera. It's so weird to have a memory catalogue of photographs I haven't taken yet.

The journey continues.

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