Monday, December 05, 2011

Gifting: Washi Box

I've been making stuff! I have a friend who wanted to exchange gifts, even though I'm taking a break from hosting the 12 Days of Xmas exchange this year. For the longest time, I had no idea what to make her and then I got inspired last night.

I have this box that has a sliding drawer. I picked it up at a local scrapbooking store because I love boxes. It measures 6 1/4 long  x 4 1/2 wide x 2 inches deep, so it's a nice size. Yesterday I bought some really cool Cavallini paper tapes and those, combined with the stash of tapes I had at home meant I had a good selection of coordinating colours to cover the box.

I *love* how it turned out. It was a bit fiddly getting everything to line up perfectly, but I enjoyed doing it. Now I'm thinking I should go buy another box and make one for myself!

This is the tin of tapes from Cavallini that I bought. I blame Teesha for making me want them. She posted about the numbers ones she bought awhile back and I've wanted some ever since. If you haven't gotten into Washi Tape, DON'T-it's like crack. Once you buy a roll, you really can't stop yourself from wanting (and buying) more. It started with one. I now have 50 rolls and that's not counting all the printed packing tape I've collected.

Anyway, getting back to the gift, I decided that it would be fun to fill the box will all kinds of art goodies. I made a bunch of altered matchboxes this year for a couple of exchanges and I loved opening the ones I received and seeing what treasures were inside. I think it will look pretty sitting on her desk and when she's used up everything inside it, she can always use it to store other things. I hope she'll like it!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Ohhh...that box is wonderful...SO nice. And definitely need to make one for yourself. ;) That tape is so cool, too...I am SO out of the loop as far as art supplies go it's not even funny. But that's OK...I live vicariously through you!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Those are the cutest alphabet tapes! Love how your box turned out!

greta ann said...

washi tape - it is art crack. LMBO but sooo serious. i am following in your "50 rolls" footsteps. thanks. :) and the box - gorgeous!