Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Transition of Light

On Saturday, the temperature got up to 12C here. We took Indy for a walk at a local lake just to get out and enjoy the sunshine. British Columbians are by and large outdoor people.

The light was so beautiful, it was almost heartbreaking. I love watching the transition of the colour of light from season to season. While winter light is blue, spring light is so clear. It's a very clean light to shoot in. The photo above is straight out of my camera.

Things have begun budding here. No idea what kind of tree this is, but when I looked up at the branches, they framed so beautifully against the sky. I predict that if this warm trend continues, before too long we'll be seeing cherry blossoms around town. Vancouver is famous for it's ornamental cherry trees. When they bloom, that definitively heralds the arrival of spring here.

On Sunday, Indy was lying on our bed, basking in a patch of early morning sunlight. He's so adorable when he lies with his head between his paws. I wanted to capture this moment because when the light hits his coat just right, you can see that his undercoat is chocolate, even though he's a black Lab. (Indy's mum was a black and his dad was a big chocolate.)

Again, this photo is untouched, straight out of my camera. I love the warm yellow quality of the light in this one. It gave a natural sepia tone to the photograph. Magical!

Since Indy was putting up with me snapping away, I took a moment to capture his mighty paws. I love shooting small details of an animal-it often gives you a greater sense of them. For me, their beauty lies in the details. 

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