Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There's Something Happenin' Here...

Things have been so crazy lately, I figured I'd do a catch up post. First of all, I've been busy tidying up my blog some. As you can see, the sidebar is much less cluttered now. I've tucked all the info that was there into the "Pages" section and added a few more tidbits as well. I've finally gotten around to posting a bio on the "About" page. It's only taken me 8 years!

 There is also a page housing the links to the fabulous e-courses I've taken and highly recommend-photography classes with Vivienne McMaster and mixed media workshops with Mary Ann Moss. I love them both and you can't go wrong if you sign up for any of what they have to offer. You can click on any of the class icons on that page and be connected directly to the information for that class. Anyway, poke around if you like-it's all there.

You may also be interested to know that there are a great selection of postcards, created from my original photographs available in my etsy shop. I just uploaded a couple more new ones on Sunday afternoon, but this is the first chance I've had to mention it here. Maybe you'd like to treat yourself or a friend to a little mail love? (They are also great for framing or sewing into a journal if you can't bear to part with them.)

Other than that, I've had my nose to the grindstone, working on an interview, writing articles and chasing deadlines for art projects. Saturday, I managed a whole day away from the studio, art supply shopping and lunching with my art partner-in-crime, Penn. She made me a really cool birthday gift, which I haven't had a chance to photograph yet, but I love it! (THANKS PENN!) I'll post pics soon.
Yesterday marked two years since I carried the Paralympic flame through the streets of Vancouver. It's hard to believe that much time has passed and harder still to believe it really did happen. It still seems like some fantastical dream. I am continuously in awe of the amazing things I've gotten to do so far in my life and I'm deeply grateful for each and every opportunity I've had. My friend Carrie lovingly teases me about the never-ending "life list" that I keep crossing things off of. It's become an ongoing joke between us. Every time I share what big thing I am doing next, she mimes a giant tick mark in the air. Little does she know this just eggs me on. *grins*

Oh and one more important thing before I sign off:

Next week, on Wednesday, March 21st, Seth Apter, will be hosting a Twitter Launch Party from 9-10 EST (6-7 PST) for his beautiful new book.

 As a contributing artist, I will be participating, along with many others whose work is included in The Pulse of Mixed Media. On Monday, I will post Seth's handy-dandy instructions on how to join us-it's super simple and I hope you will! It's going to be a good time!

Okay! That's all I have time for for now. *waves*


Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy!!
I'll be tweeting as well for Seth's party...should be fun!!

Seth said...

I am exciting about the Twitter launch and so happy you will be there!