Thursday, August 02, 2012

Good Mail Day!

Last month I signed up for the Pretty Packages exchange over at Hello Friend.
My partner was Shayla who lives in Ontario.

She wrapped everything so nicely.

And these were the goodies inside:

A funky set of shakers, a roll of blue chevron washi tape, a skein of blue bakers twine, a vintage camera Moleskine journal, a set of hand charms, Canada goose magnets and a packet of vintage ephemera. Fun stuff!

If you'd like to see what I sent Shayla, she's posted it on her blog here.
Thank you for the lovely goodies Shayla! Love them!


I'm probably going to take a few days off blogging. I woke up yesterday in horrible pain, to discover that my eye was painfully swollen and ugly. (Saving anyone who is squeemish from a more detail description!) I went to see the doc in the afternoon and she thinks it's an eye infection from allergies. I've got $60 worth of eye meds and hopefully it will blow over soon. It was a rough night last night. I was exhausted, but couldn't sleep because my head was killing me.

 I'm reduced to watching the Olympics with my one good eye now. 
I'm nothing, if not a diehard fan!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about what your allergies are doing to you! Mine are a pain in the butt...but nothing like yours!!! Love what you received in the exchange! Isn't it nice to get something wonderful like this...rather than bills!

michelle allen said...

very fun goodies!!! sorry to hear you're having to watch the olympics with one eye. hope you feel better soon! hey, guess what... you're going to kill me... i was just there in vancouver last week with some girlfriends for a getaway. i totally forgot that was your town. :( i'm so bummed, i would have LOVED to hook up with you!!!! if you ever make it down to the portland, oregon area please let me know. we have a guest room you're always welcome to. xoxo-m

Silver Sisters said...

OMG! Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable!
I am sorry to hear about your eye - during the olympics, no less! Wow, when you do things you do them right!