Friday, August 24, 2012

YAYOM Whistler Part 3

Some things I love about Whistler:

The people are friendly. 

The views from just about anywhere in town are spectacular. I am a girl who fell in love with the mountains. I never tire of drinking them in.

Lost Lake is gorgeous. 

Whistler Village is entirely walkable. In fact, it's also wonderfully accessible. As time goes on, I take notice of this more and more, not just because it's relevant in my life, but also because I believe it's important to build inclusive communities. I love it when I see thoughtful consideration and adaptations being made to a city so everyone is welcome.

Whistler is also incredibly dog-friendly. There are tons of patios where you can sit with your dog and enjoy a meal. Throughout the village you will find water bowls available for dogs to get a cool drink. There are also lots of stations with dog bags so you can pick up after your four legged friend. Whistler also has several dog beaches and parks with off leash times. Many of the hotels and several local B&Bs offer dog friendly accommodation, some of which do so with no extra charge. Gotta love that! 

On a side note, Indy's begun posting about his travels on his own blog, Left Coast Lab. There's very little information out there in cyberland about dog friendly travel in BC, so he's filling the gap. He'd love it if you'd follow his blog. You can also find him on Twitter.

There is so much to see and do in Whistler. I didn't get a chance this trip, but my plan is to go back and do Peak 2 Peak and ZiptrekI did the Ziptrek across Robson Street in Vancouver during the Paralympics and loved it and ever since I've wanted to do the big long ziplines in Whistler. 

Here's a couple more photos from the YAYOM class:

(Setting up a shot.)

I learned so much over the weekend. I love how each class I've taken along the way has built on what I learned in the previous class. I love the process of learning and experimenting. I really enjoyed sharing this experience in person with my classmates. It was interesting shooting with others. I liked the camaraderie.

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Kris said...

Have now added Whistler to our go to places list. LOVE Vancouver and plan another trip why not extend it to Whistler! Thank you for
the nudge!!