Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Picture This!

Back in July, I won a give away on Natalie Dixon's blog for a set of 6 Paper Coterie swatch cards. I decided to follow Natalie's lead and use my prize to make a small portfolio of some of my photography. Now when people ask me what kind of photography I do, I can show them!

Paper Coterie has an amazing selection of products that you can use to showcase your photos. The interface is pretty easy to use-much like the one they have at Moo. You just upload your photos and arrange them, choosing colours and elements as you go.

Here is what my mini photography portfolio looks like inside:

The hardest part was choosing which photos I wanted to use! I'm really pleased with the results. I'd to make some other items through Paper Coterie-there are so many cool things to choose from: books, cards, journals, planners, calendars, memory keepers and more! I think I'd love to make a whole book of favourite photographs to start. I'd also like to do a whole book of Indy. There are so many possibilities!

Thanks Natalie & Paper Coterie for the wonderful prize!


Seth said...

What a unique way to showcase your photography. And what wonderful photography too!

Krista Kruger said...

So amazing! I love how it looks!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Oh!!! That is so cool! Recently, it occurred to me that when people asked what kind of photography I did, I could just show them my site on my iPhone. It is handy. But I like the idea of having something I can hold.

Thank you for the idea!!