Monday, January 28, 2013

Project 365: January

It's been interesting shooting a self portrait every day. I was kind of worried that I may run out of ideas, but so far, so good. It's easier on days where I am out and about, but it's also a good creative stretch to shoot at home too.

Although there are a few more days left in the month, these are my favourite shots for January. I've been enjoying seeing what the rest of our group has been shooting. It feels good to be connecting with kindred spirits and sharing our stories with one another through photos and sometimes words. (When the spirits move us.) I am grateful to Amy for the invite.

Meanwhile, I've been busy firing up the sewing machine for a secret project. Can't say anything more about it, until the intended recipients have them in hand, which could be awhile. It's good to have a project 3/4 finished, well ahead of the deadline for a change. (Usually I like to work under pressure.)

Indy went to the vet yesterday and got his stitches out. He was not thrilled and was shaking like a leaf, but he let them minister to his wounds and he's much happier now. The biggest wound on his neck (which was the worst one) still needs to do some healing, but the rest have all closed up nicely and it's unlikely he's going to have any visible scars. He's been in contact with other dogs in the park recently, including a pittbull and seems completely unfazed. I am glad the attack didn't damage his spirit. That's the beauty of dogs-they live entirely in the moment. 


Amy Huff said...

So glad Indy is ok. Hope your hubby is healing well too.

Love the pics. Really lovely. I'm taking an instant pic of Sophy a day and it's fun to see her change from day to day.

gisele said...

My favourite is the one of your messy hair in the shower. That one cracks me up.