Sunday, April 21, 2013

Washi Collection

I was asked if I could post photos of my washi collection, so here it is, all 102 rolls of it! I seriously need to find a way to house it all. I have an open container from Ikea, but it's full to overflowing already.

Some of the rolls are not the true washi tape, made by the MT company, but they're close enough as far as I am concerned. A few rolls are by Cavellini, Martha Stewart, 7 Gypsies, Tim Holtz and the the dollar store tapes which, as I mentioned the other day, have a slight plastic finish to them. The 7 Gypsies tapes (the grid ones in the yellow stack) are actually paper. It doesn't really matter to me-I love them all.

I still want to add some neons to my collection-I have my eye on hot pink and orange. I also want to add some more purples and oranges and some air mail print tape.

I saw this tape which is printed masking tape that is wonderful-I must get my hands on a roll! I also move these as well. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to washi tape. Clearly, it's become an obsession. *grins*

Okay, so I've shown you mine. Show me yours?! Leave a link in the comments-I want to see!


Kathy said...

Gulp - I have ore than you, lol.

This is what I came up with to hold mine:

The rods all pull out - each rack has 8 rods...I don't know I probably have 16 on a rod maybe?

They are on etsy and this is their website - they are in Chicago I think so shipping to canada might not be bad? Or you can find in Canada?

Earth to Girl said...

You know... it doesn't seem like that much when you have it all sorted in groups! I guess there's definitely room to expand on this collection! lol

Bettyann said...

oh my what a "yummy" collection...I have maybe 15 not a collection yet...take care :)