Monday, May 20, 2013

A Moment of Personal Triumph

So today, We decided to hike Quarry Rock. It's a part of the Baden Powell Trail, located in Deep Cove. It's a punishing, steep and winding 8 km hike to a view point. The trail is a mass of roots, loose rock, slippery sections, rough stairs (some of which are hip high!) and bridges. Conditions are such that if you're like me and have no proprioception (& therefore, no balance) you cannot allow your attention to stray from you feet for a single second.

The trail head begins with a climb that is 45 degrees straight up. I stood looking up at it and thinking "WOW!" and wondering if I was out of my mind. My second thought (the one that usually gets me into trouble) was " long as I'm here..."

We took our time, taking lots of little breaks because as I was climbing, I was loosing feeling in my legs. (That's the fun part of having spinal cord damage!) It made me a bit dizzy, but I sucked it up and kept moving. There was no way I was going to give up.

An hour and twenty minutes later, we were looking at this:

Deep Cove (left) and up Indian Arm. (right)
We stopped to cool off, down some water and a snack. Indy found a mud puddle and wasted no time plunging into it up to his armpits. That's a Lab for ya!

See? He's smiling, right after he did it. I noticed some fixed points in the rock. I think if you have the right equipment, you could take a shortcut down. That would have been cool! I'd like to repel at some point in my life-not necessarily there specifically, but just to try it once, for fun.

This is my favourite photo from the day, an old dead tree used as a sign post.

The hike back was equally as challenging, especially since my right hiking shoe was eating a hole in my heel and my knees were screaming. Every step down was painful, but I got through it. The view was *so* worth it and I am glad I did this hike while I am still able-bodied enough to manage it. There's a certain satisfaction in pushing yourself to do things that are hard. It feels just that much better when you persevere and succeed. 

I am proud of myself today. 
Anything is possible!


P.S. Click on any of the photos to view them larger.


Vivienne said...

So glad you did it and persevered! It isn't an easy trail (well, some really accomplished hikers say that it is, but each and every time I do it, it always challenges me).

But so good that you kept going.

There is a trail that comes down to the lookout from a road above that is much shorter...but i've never done it (as its more of a park your car and hike...and I take the bus there) but it might be worth checking out if you're looking for a bit of a shorter hike one day but with the view!

Thanks for letting me know you posted about it and I'm loving the photos!

Bettyann said...

wow...way to go :) have a great week