Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching Up!

Hello! I know I've been scarce around here in the last week or so. Two reasons: 1. my laptop is on its last legs and keeps crashing and 2. volunteering! The laptop issue will be alleviated this weekend, thanks to a sweet friend who has recently upgraded her computer and has offered me her old one. (Thanks Michele!)

I have so many things to share!

Last Sunday, I got up early and headed to the park to volunteer with the annual Terry Fox Run. I finally got to meet Leah Pells and her beautiful Pads service dog Smokey who is a black Lab. You know how I feel about black Labs! Smokey helps Leah serve the students she teaches and connects with them in a way only sweet gentle dogs can do. He is a beautiful boy and so incredibly mellow. Indy desperately wanted to play with him, but he was working.

The Terry Fox Run was lovely. My favourite part was all the message people wrote in chalk on the park sidewalk where the run ended. I took the selfie posted above in that spot. I love that people did that. There was also a banner for people to sign saying who they were running for. I put my husband's name and also added the name of a little boy who was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with a rare brain stem cancer. I only know of this child through a friend, but I wanted his parents to see a photo of his name on Terry's banner and know that they are not alone as they face this terrible thing. This is exactly what Terry was hoping to put a stop to when he began his Marathon of Hope.

  The Vintage Pearl and Curly Girl Design partnered for a giveaway and I was lucky enough to be the winner! The necklace & note cards that were also part of the prize arrived yesterday in the magic mailbox. Had to giggle that they *almost* got my name right! 

Everything came wrapped in this mission statement bag.

Curly Girl sent me a stack of 25 of their greeting cards. When I saw a card set was part of the prize, I figured there would be about a 1/2 dozen, not 25! I think they sent me one of everything they make! The cards are lovely and I predict some very good mail days for friends in the future. 

The Vintage Pearl prize was so prettily wrapped.

Inside the box was this silver necklace which was *so* meant to be mine. I put it on right away and I don't think I want to take it off. I love how the little pearl tinkles against the silver when I move and reminds me its there.

THANK YOU Vintage Pearl & Curly Girl! I feel so spoiled! Now I just have to decide what goodies to treat myself to with the $25 gift certificates from each of them that were also included!

I have begun volunteering with the organizing committee for the 2014 Wheelchair Curling Championships which are being held in my community in late January. So far it's been a challenge with my computer crashing constantly, but the work has been interesting. 

I had dinner with my friend Courtney last Sunday and she asked if I would be willing to work with the Skiing Is Believing program this year. I was very touched that she would invite me because I know how much this program means to her. I was thrilled to accept. (It was a no-brainer!)

I also got the official word that I will be working with a new group of students for the Interprofessional Health Mentors Program for 2013-2014. I'll be finishing up with my current group at the end of the year, so they will overlap briefly. I met with my current group last week and we were all kind of stunned to realize we will only meet one more time before their program wraps up. The time flew by so quickly! Our last meeting is going to be over dinner somewhere nice. I am pretty sure they will remain in touch-they are such lovely women. I am excited to meet my new group at the end of this month and see which disciplines they are from.

I'm meeting up with my art partner in crime, Penn tomorrow and we're going to spend the day Gelli Printing. She is heading off to England shortly to visit family, so it will be nice to hang out and have an art day before she goes.

Autumn officially arrives tomorrow. I am already enjoying hearing Indy crunching through the fallen leaves in our backyard. I wait all year for this season-it's my most favourite. I think this says it best:

From my heart to yours, HAPPY AUTUMN!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're busy with a lot of awesome these days lady! That necklace is lovely and perfect for you. Say hi to Penn! I'm wishing for just such an art date.

Seth said...

So many wonderful things to look forward to Lelainia. Your willingness to provide service to others is truly extraordinary!!