Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zaac Pick: Bright Ideas

 I wanted to share this new song & video by the amazing Zaac Pick. I had the pleasure of meeting Zaac in August when he played a free concert in a park not far from my home. This new song was one he played that day.

Now that you've watched this beautifully shot video, head on over to Zaac's website where he's posted a behind the scenes peek at the making of Bright Ideas. I *love* that he shared this-it's so interesting to see how someone's creative process unfolds. As an artist, I have a deep appreciation for the artistic vision that went into this project.

One of Zaac's songs, Drifters was recently featured at the end of the season finale episode of Rookie Blue. Gotta love it! 

If you liked Bright Ideas, check out Whitewater, another of Zaac's videos which I find so charming.

I also really love this video from the Green Couch Sessions. It was filmed in my beloved Stanley Park. The way they combined the music with the wildlife that lives there is lovely-it's so beautifully west coast. It would be so wonderful to be walking along Lost Lagoon and happen upon musicians doing their thing.

Truth be told, if Zaac's albums were in fact albums (LPs) I would have long since worn deep grooves into the vinyl. Fierce Wind and Whitewater are my go-to albums whether I am working in the studio or stuck in the hospital having infusions.

Penn and I were listening to Zaac's music on Sunday while we were creating and I was telling her about this video (which I love because hello! Strings and bokeh!) and how when I saw it, I wished Zaac could come play in my living room and in the crazy way my life works, the very next day he posted to Twitter about  looking to play someone's living room while he's on the road between Kelowna and Toronto. He actually does this! Who knew?!? He's made of *awesome*. Truly.

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