Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Gratitude Post

Some days, are very good days. Today was one of those. It started with some words of love from my best friend, who sent me a note just before I walked out the door and into my day this morning. It said "You are a mensch girl!" That's pretty high Yiddish praise. I love her for it. She has a knack of always saying the right thing to me at the right time, in exactly the way I need to hear it. Everyone should have someone in their lives that does that.

I spent the day out at UBC speaking on two patient panels which I was more than happy to do. Any opportunity to speak to medical students about NMO is a good one. When I got there, I bumped into Stacy from the MS Society who had some very kind words for me about my presentation at NMO Day last week. It's very gratifying when you share something you are passionate about and people respond to that in the way you had hoped. It's especially sweet when they are moved to tell you you did a good job. I am so grateful for that. 

When I got home, there was an email telling me that some work I submitted for a book that's coming out in the spring was accepted. I can tell you that publishing never gets old. It's always a thrill to get those emails saying "You're in!" and then later to get a copy of the publication and see your name and your work between the covers. It's an honour and a privilege and it's extremely humbling.

I think though, the very best part of my day was walking in the door and being greeted with so much love and joy by Indy who clearly missed his mum. No greeting beats that of loyal dog-he practically turns himself inside out with happiness to see me and the feeling is 100% mutual. If you want to know what real, unconditional love is, get a dog. It will change you forever.

So yes, today was a good day. I'm going to tuck this one into my heart.

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Anonymous said...

So much goodness to be grateful for! It's so great you volunteer so much.