Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scenes From A Weekend

Thursday night, dinner with my husband at OSF. We love their BamBam Shrimp. So nice to not have to cook after a long commute to UBC. I had an interview with a doctor/professor who is here from the UK to learn about the Health Mentors program and see if it's something that can implement in their country to better the education of their health care professionals. It was a fascinating conversation and I'll be interested in hearing what the outcome is. Amazing to think Health Mentors here are potentially having an impact on the future of health care in the UK!

Friday: We were up and out early to Granville Island since this was the only day forcasted as sunny this weekend and we wanted to spend as much of it outdoors as possible. Indy got a good walk, I got to shoot some photographs, (Don'tcha just love this graffiti?) and we all got to lunch in the sunshine. It felt so good to soak up some vitamin D! The innumerable ornamental cherry trees that are so common here are thick with blooms. Their branches are hanging low they are so loaded.

Of course what's a trip to Granville Island without a wee bit of retail therapy? I discovered that The Cloth Shop has moved to the island-not sure why I hadn't noticed it there before...granted, it is tucked away on a back corner, so it's not entirely obvious. Anyway, they have evolved into a store that is carrying mostly modern style fabrics! I had to have this piece which seemed so collage-y to me. It kind of looks red in this photo, but it's actually a very vibrant orange. I even love the salvage! Really, I wanted to buy more, but I'll visit again next time I'm out there.

I've been looking for these stamps for awhile now and happened to spot it at Paper Ya yesterday. $14 for this charming set.

Too cute! I like that it reminds me of pictures from a 1950's reader.

I made granola from scratch yesterday afternoon. I had some for brekki this morning. It was delicious. 

Today I am taking my husband to this amazing Italian grocery I just found out about and then I am meeting a friend for coffee on Commercial Drive. (A trendy/funky part of town.) It's already been a busy weekend and it's only Saturday! I see a nap in my future!

P.S. Some exciting news is *almost* read to share...stay tuned!

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