Sunday, August 15, 2004


I went into Richmond on Friday night to Artwerx . They were having a vendor's market that was open to the public and I thought I would go check it out. There were all kinds of good things to be had. I bought a cool unmounted alphabet stamp set. I also got some angel wings and crowns and a couple of mini compasses I wanted for an altered book. It was inspiring to see so many neat altered art things in one place.

I have been working on making some new collages on canvass and some on bookboard. I also prepped some other pieces I want to make by working on the background so that when I am ready to work on them, I have the base for the piece ready.

Saturday I am heading to Bellingham for the ATC swap, but I have to get my cards ready today since I am going out of town this week and today will be the only chance I have to make some. Last time I ran out and so I am now in card debt. I have to make extras for the ones I owe-I hate being in the hole! LOL!

I am also working on a collaborative book called "Do Not Go Gentle". The theme is grief and my friend Penn and I are co-hosting it. She is such a great book binder and *so* creative. I am sure this project is going to come out fantastic. I will have to post some pics when it's done.

In the meantime, the struggle is between wanting to create art and waiting to watch the Olympics, my other favourite obsession. My work space is not TV accessible and I don't think paint and glue belong in the livingroom. (My carpet would be in peril! I am messy when I work.) So far, I keep bouncing back and forth between working and watching. In a perfect world, I would have a proper studio with space for a TV and my computer. I need to win the lotto!!

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