Sunday, August 01, 2004

At Long Last!!

Thanks to my darling and oh-so-talented friend Farrell, I now have the blog set up and linked up with my website so I can blog away! YAY! and a big hug to Wonder Girl! You are the BEST!

So the newest of the news is that in January of 2004, I was invited by Jan Smiley to participate in a book she was working on for C&T Publishing. Having been a quilter for over 12 years, I am quite familiar with that publishing company and was very excited to be asked. Her book is based on textile related altered art and will be released in January 2005. "The Art of Fabric Books: Innovative Ways to Use Fabric in Scrapbooks, Altered Books & More" is now available for pre-order via Amazon if you are interested.

You can get a sneak peek at the artwork I created right here! (The 5 pictures appearing above this post are the pieces that I submitted for the book.)

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popps said...

Hi, me again, i love starting at the beginning - i have a LOT to catch up on!