Sunday, February 13, 2005


My sweet friend Tracy Roos is having a promotion on her website. She has made these cool art buttons that she is giving away free with a purchase. To find out more, click on her journal. Of course being the button junkie that I am, I had to order so I can have one! I have uploaded a couple of pics of some of the little buttons I have in my collection. I have no idea why I like them so much, I just do!

It's kind of funny how we get to collecting things. I like things that remind me of happy times or just old things that have a history. I admit I am a sentamentalist through and through. I can't bear to toss away things that have meaning to me. That's one thing I really enjoy about visiting someone's home. I can look around and see what really matters to them. I am always interested in why they collect what they do.

Some of the things I adore are:
-antique Raggedy Anne's
-1950's robots
-1 inch buttons (pins)
-kewpie dolls
-old buttons (celluloid, bakealite, mother of pearl)
-wooden spools (for thread)
- folk art angels

Anyway, I would add more, but I have to dash off to teach my AB class now! Catcha later!

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