Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I have added a new book to my collection. I picked up a copy of Altered Art : Techniques for Creating Altered Books, Boxes, Cards & More by Terry Taylor. I had looked at it several times and my rule is if I can't stop browsing in it, I need to buy it.

The book is chock full of beautiful art and wonderful ideas. It also has some art by the ever-so-talented Tracy Roos. (Tracy your book Pandora's Box is gorgeous and so meaningful!) I have paged it over and over and every time I come away feeling inspired.

Anyhoo, it's wonderful and I am really enjoying it! My art library is growing in leaps and bounds lately. If you are wondering what's in it, take a look at my reading page on my website. I have listed all the art books I own and love there. Lots of good stuff!

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