Thursday, March 24, 2005

True Colours Journal Project

I bought myself a copy of True Colours about a week and a half ago as an early birthday present. After pouring over it and reading it from cover to cover, I knew I just had to recreate this project. I was just so inspired.

I asked 5 other artist friends to join me and we are now in the process of organizing a journal for ourselves and deciding on a colour pallet. I have chosen Red. I am thinking of my journal as Red and_____. This means red & cream, red & white, red & black, red & grey and so on. The main focus of my pages will be red with some sort of accent colour to set it off. I can envision some of the pages already and I found the perfect journal to use. It has Chicago screws so the others can undo it if need be to work on their pages. I am *SO* excited!!

In the meantime, I am busy teaching and working on art for my classes. It's been hectic, but I am enjoying myself. It's exciting to see people learning about altered books and how creative everyone is. It's a blessing to be able to do what you love.

I added a couple of new ATCs to the ATC gallery. I am headed to Bellingham, armed with birthday money to shop myself silly with a friend and then go to the ATC swap. One more sleep!! *grin*

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