Monday, April 11, 2005

Shaving Cream!!

Last night was a wrap up pot luck dinner following the last class of the 6 session AB class. This wonderful group of ladies have been getting together since February to learn Altered Books and it has really been a treat to teach them.

Anyway, while we were together last night we learned how to marble papers using shaving cream and re-inkers and food colouring. It was hugely messy but so much fun. The main trick was to remember not to lick our fingers as we worked-the shaving cream with the colours in it looked like coloured cool whip and it was just *so* tempting!

I have posted the papers I made. (Keep in mind this was my first kick at the can. I plan to play some more maybe later this week and experiment with different colours and textures.) It's so much fun to learn something new and thank you Pat for being so generous as to let us make this mess at your house!

Anyway, I have a newly finished piece of art to add to my website later this afternoon, so I will post where to find it after I go pick my son up from school! Back in a jiff!

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