Friday, April 22, 2005


Oh the fiddling is endless when you have a web site. I live in mortal fear that at some point Kelly is going to tell me I have reached my image limit. At that point, I will have to remove some of the old art to make way for the new, but till then, I will just keep updating with my fingers crossed!

So for those of you keeping track, the updates have happened on the following pages:

More Words: I added a wonderful new quote sent to me by my friend Jeff. "We Are Made For These Times" has alot of personal meaning for me.

Gallery 3: My latest ATC-I will be adding more probably later today.

Gallery 6: My newest collaborative book pages-2 ABC pages and a page for Celine's project as well. I have one more ABC page to finish and I will add it as soon as I do, so keep watching!

I have also noticed that some of you have quietly added me to your links. Thank you! If you have and you haven't told me, please drop me an email and say hello so I know who you are. Don't be shy!

Okay, lots to accomplish today-I need ATCs for tomorrows swap in Bellingham. Off to the art table!

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