Monday, June 13, 2005

Home again, Home again!

HI Everyone! I am back from the Sunshine Coast. What a great weekend! Here's the scoop:

Friday morning I caught the 9:20 a.m. ferry. I had brekki while we sailed over and finished just in time to take some very bad photos. (The ferry has plastic windows and even with jamming the lense up against the plastic, I still got reflection happening.) It was a plesant drive to Half Moon Bay to Nadine's studio and home. I had to laugh-I was waiting to turn at a light in Sechelt and glanced at this professionally made sign at the Esso I was beside. It said it was open "23 1/2 hours a day" (what goes on in that half hour they haven't accounted for?!?!) AND you can "eat here and get gas". Now if that isn't truth in advertising, I don't know what is!! Only in a small town folks, only in a small town.

Anyway, I arrived at about 11 a.m. and Nadine and I putzed around for the day. Dinner was steller-BBQ shishkabob, roasted potatoes, Greek salad, warm fresh baked bread and a dessert I have never had before. I can't remember the name of it, but it was really good. Later we attempted to watch "What the Bleep Do We Know" with her husband in the evening. It's some quantum physics thingy-not anything two tired artists could wrap their brains around. Hats off to her husband though who tried patiently explaining it to us the next day. LOL!

Saturday I taught my condesed AB class to a group of 11 very enthusiastic and lovely ladies. It was pretty rockus-everyone seemed to be having a good time altering and socializing. It was wonderful to teach a group that were so excited and creative. It made my job pretty easy and I had fun too. Lunch was a brown bag affair with Nadine supplying fruity punch and the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. (Did I mention she is a phoenominal cook?!?) She made yummy turkey sandwiches for her and I and everyone sat around chatting while they ate. The energy of this group was very friendly and I felt right at home.

Saturday night we had cabbage rolls and pickled beets which I had promised to bring for dinner and we added a salad, bread and BBQ smokies to the feast. We ended the evening with another movie-this one was more girly and easier to follow along with huge bowls of popcorn. (She knows how to keep me happy!)

Sunday morning I was up early to pack my car and get to the ferry on time since I had another class to teach in Vancouver at 1 p.m. I took the scenic route and stopped to buy this delicious granola Nadine had from a local shop and snap some pictures on the beach. It was grey out, but not raining and the trip was pleasant. Except for the fact that I wanted to call home to touch base with my husband and discovered that my cell does not work from outside the Vancouver area. That settles it-I am getting a new cell ASAP. My old one worked all the way to Alberta and since I travel alot, I need one that works at least that far away.

I taught my last class of my 6 session AB and came home to crash and burn-so here I am! It was a great weekend and I was so glad I had the opportunity to teach at Art Escape. Nadine is so great and we had so much fun just hanging out. I cannot wait to go back in the fall!

*There were more pictures than would fit on what appears on this page so look at the "Recent Posts" on the left to see more.

P.S. If you are wondering what happened to the new journal style, it had some bugs in it so I had to revert to the old one. *sigh* The best laid plans...

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