Monday, June 06, 2005

On a Motherly Note

Happy Birthday to my son who turns 14 today!!
(OMG I feel old!)

His dad and I contemplated waking him at 2:52 a.m. to give him his birthday greetings, but decided that would just make for a grumpy teenager in the morning. That saying about dogs should really be changed to "Let sleeping teens lie." A teen's more likely to bite you than a dog! LOL!


Some things I love about my son:

1. He has the most compassionate heart. He will play with the kid no one pays attention to and protect the kid who gets picked on. He is kind to old folks and people with disabilities and makes them feel no different than anyone else.

2. He hugs and kisses me when I drop him off at school or whenever I leave the house, even though it's probably wayyyyyyy uncool.

3. He adores animals and is incredibly gentle with them. (He is especially amazing with horses and an wonderful rider.)

4. He loves going to see horror movies with me.

5. He understands the importance of sharing.

6. He is incredibly helpful.

Anyway happy birthday to my kiddo!! You are the sunshine of my life.
xoxox your mum

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