Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Just for a change, I actually got my ATCs for Sunday's swap finished early! I was playing with a box of brand new watercolour paints I bought myself over the weekend and decided to paint some ATCs to test the colours out. When I was done, I had all kinds of pretty colour combinations. Tracy sent me several of her stamps from her collection for my birthday and there are a few I haven't tried yet. I pulled one out and stamped on top of the watercolours. I like how they came out. Voila! My ATCs are ready to go!

If you want to see them, they are uploaded to Gallery 3.

*The watercolours I bought are made by Pental and they came in these teeny little tubes. They come 18 in a box for $8 CDN and since they are watercolours, you only need the scantest bit of paint on the pallet to work with. They will last forever!

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