Sunday, July 10, 2005

Art Goals

On January 1st, I made a list of art goals. These were just things I wanted to do this year for my own satisfaction. Seeing as we are now more than 1/2 way through the year, I thought I would look at the list again and see where I am in accomplishing things.

1. I would like to make one shrine. *Not yet!

2. I want to try a beeswax collage. *Not yet!

3. I want to do a circle journal project. *In progress-True Colours Journal RR with friends.

4. I want to swap art with a few friends I have not swapped with yet. *I have done a bit of this, but I would like to do more.

5. I want to add to my art book library. * I have added 4 books so far and a couple more magazines.

6. I want to make soldered slide jewellery. *Not yet! I am hoping after one of my classes at Artwerx I will know how to do the soldering.

7. I want to do more collaborative book projects. * I have worked in 3 and hosted 1. I have another one I am currently hosting.

8. I want to attend Artwerx. *I am going!! YAY!!

Not bad! I only have 3 things out of the 8 that I have not managed to do yet. No, not bad at all! Actually, I am surprised that my list was so short. Usually I have a list an arm's length long that I bulldoze through.'s pretty satisfying to know I got this much done!

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