Wednesday, August 17, 2005

At The One Month Mark

For those of you following the ongoing saga of the bathroom disaster from hell, I bring you the following update:
After ONE MONTH, I finally have walls, a ceiling, a mocha paint job (which had to be done twice since the painter used the wrong colour-white- the first time!) and this evening I discovered the knarley pit has been cemented over. *sigh* Now if only they could forge ahead and get the new throne, sink and cabinet in there so we could come home.

As if things weren't stressful enough, if we are still in the hotel next Thursday, we will have to vacate the suite we have been in for several days. Apparently someone booked it way back in April for their vacation (Our suite is the primo one-it's huge) and the hotel is unwilling to bump them. The selfish part of me thinks that my being homeless and having to live there trumps their vacation any day, but them's the breaks. Nothing I can do about it. So...Thursday we will pack up our stuff for the 4th time and move to another room for a few days till the vacationers leave. That is unless by some modern day miracle the restoration guys actually focus on my bathroom alone and get it finished so we can end this hellish exile. I have been a pretty good sport about it for the last month, but I fear I am now at the breaking point. Enough is enough. I want to get my life back.

In any case, I think when all's said and done, I will be breaking a bottle of champagne over the new loo in celebration of our return to normalicy. Keeping my fingers crossed that that will be really soon!

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