Friday, September 09, 2005

Another Charter Member of the "I Don't Get It Club".

So I've been reading my friend Deb Trotter's blog religiously since she started it over the summer and it's now become my favourite part of the day. Deb cracks me up. I am especially enjoying her comments about her husband and the fact that he doesn't "get" her art. I think that's something all artist struggle with, although I hadn't given it much thought.

When I finish something and show my husband, he says "Oh yeah, that's nice." Or "Uh huh." He doesn't ask how I did it or why I made it but sometimes he asks me "What's it for?" and I say "Nothing, I just made it to make it." "Oh." and that's that. Apparently you have to make art for something. (?!?)

My husband has always been supportive of anything I do. Quietly supportive. He doesn't say much but then at some unexpected time, someone will ask what I do and I say "Well, I teach art and I do some design work." and he'll jump right in relate all the success I've had. Sometimes I catch him telling people on his own, when he thinks I'm not listening and I can tell by the tone he uses how proud he is.

Husbands of artists are funny ducks. They love us but secretly think we're weird. Didn't someone say "You're not an artist till you're misunderstood?" Deb, I think we have arrived!

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