Friday, September 09, 2005

Killing Time

While I am waiting for HTML help from a friend so I can do some website updating, I offer the following for your amusement. (And mine.)

100 Things Meme
1. I always sing in the car.
2. My favourite colour is red.
3. I have a warped sense of humour.
4. I am highly intuitive.
5. My heart has been broken twice.
6. I fell in love with Harrison Ford when I was six.
7. I lived in Spain when I was 16.
8. I suck at math-it might as well be in a foreign language for all the sense it makes to me.
9. I eat books for breakfast.
10. I cannot abide suffering.
11. My dream dog is an Australian Blue Heeler and I plan to have one someday.
12. I am fascinated by space exploration.
13. I love pink grapefruit juice.
14. I think there is alot of beauty in graveyards and I like to explore them.
15. I enjoy long distance driving-ROAD TRIP!
16. I am a morning person-sleeping in for me is 8 a.m.
17. October is my favourite month.
18. I prefer to be barefoot.
19. If I have to wear shoes, I love clogs.
20. My favourite smells are burning wood (campfires) and the ocean.
21. I think there is nothing better than fresh baked bread.
22. I find Spanish a sexy language-you can say anything in Spanish and have it sound lyrical.
23. I love that my eyes are green.
24. I am addicted to altered art.
25. I write poetry and rarely share it.
26. I dream about travelling to Tibet to see Mt. Everest and the Buddhist temples there.
27. I am spiritual.
28. I have a thing for 1950's era robots.
29. I can't stop downloading new fonts
30. I have impossibly curly hair. (Hated it as a kid but have grown into it now.)31. I conjure people.
32. I collect buttons (the kind that go on a shirt) 1" buttons (the kind with a pin on the back) and pumpkin themed art.
33. I hate writing in pencil-give me a pen!
34. I love popcorn and nuts n' bolts.
35. Rob Schnider makes me laugh.
36. I have an eclectic taste in music and a memory for lyrics and tunes.
37. I am a news hound.
38. I can finally light a gas BBQ without being scared.
39. My favourite thing to do with my son is to go see horror movies.
40. My best birthday was my 30th-it was an amazing day.
41. I am very happily married.
42. I can't stand Michael Jackson ( I would like to smack him!)
43. I love antiques.
44. I practice retail therapy.
45. I always order a Mocha Frappachino at Starbucks.
46. I tend to only eat vegetarian pizza.
47. My close friends are everything to me.
48. I love to laugh.
49. I collect quotes.
50. My two favourite places to visit are NYC and Montana
51. I have been published both for writing and for art.
52. My favourite tea is Chai.
53. I am sentimental.
54. I love it when it snows.
55. Someday I want to build a post and beam house.
56. Ever since I was badly bitten by spiders, I am afraid of them.
57. I hate pumping my own gas-I am *SO* girly about that one thing!
58. I love reading Jonathan Kellerman and Dan Brown novels.
59. Someday I want to have my own studio.
60. I am a paper monger.
61. I love turkey dinners.
62. Freesia and gerberas are my favourite flowers.
63. The first flowers my husband ever gave me were freesias-somehow he knew!64. My passport pic is horrendous! Seriously!
65. I never carry cash.
66. I think my son is an amazing human being.
67. I am a die-hard romantic.
68. I am *SO* not prissy!
69. I have no use for rude or snotty people.
70. I love to cook.
71. If I can get out of doing the dishes, I will.
72. Never tell me I can't do something.
73. I am generous. (Some say to a fault.)
74. Oatmeal and warm cereal makes me gag!
75. I am the queen of useless information.
76. I wish I was taller.
77. I can fix things-my husband has often come home to find me with some appliance in pieces on the floor.
78. I have never cleaned an oven in my life.
79. I hate going to the doctor.
80. I have been known to pull pranks. (Though NEVER mean spirited ones.)
81. I shop only at Cotton Ginny and have for 19 years.
82. I love foreign food.
83. I fall UP stairs.
84. I am terrified of fire or being in a car crash.
85. I have had a concussion.
86. I love getting jewellery, art supplies and books as gifts.
87. Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday.
88. I hug my friends.
89. I love power tools!
90. I get really excited when I get snail mail.
91. I can keep secrets.
92. I am not a hot weather girl.
93. I believe in making a menaingful contribution to the world.
94. Sometimes I have insomnia.
95. I love a good wind or rain storm.
96. I love nail polish but don't wear it often.
97. I am very soft hearted.
98. I own several watches but don't wear any of them.
99. I value integrity and loyalty.
100. I believe I need to keep learning and growing.

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