Monday, January 30, 2006

All & Sundry

Just a quick update on a number of things going on in my little corner of the world.

First of all, I have added some new blog links to my list at the left of this posting. I had meant to do it sooner, but I have been so busy the last 2 weeks I just couldn't find the time. Do check them out though-lots of interesting artsy folk to visit with!

I am also struggling with deadlines. I have come to the conclusion that while art is in large part a joy, it can also be painful. I am finding it so with a deadline that is looming and zero inspiration for this project. I had alot initially, but then I had an accident and ruined all the work I did and had to start over. It was at that point I lost my enthusiasm. I am plugging away though and hope to have it off my plate tomorrow so I can go on to another project that I am excited about starting. (More on that later!)

On a happy note, while I was away in Halfmoon Bay teaching this past weekend, my friend Nadine, who is a bookbinder (and owner of Art Escape Studio) taught me to do single needle coptic stitch binding. I have been wanting to learn this for just about forever because 1. I LOVE handmade journals and 2. coptic lies perfectly flat, which is something I appreciate in a journal. I managed to make TWO journals in a few short hours and according to Nadine, did a pretty good job of it. I love the sewing part-it's so relaxing and once I learned the formula, it was easy to remember what to do. I have already bought more paper so I can make more journals! Can't wait!!

When I get a spare moment, I want to post some pics of goodies I have received in the mail from friends lately. It's so lovely to get a packet in the mail almost every week with a note, a trinket, some token of friendship or art (or both!) sent "just because". I really do have the best friends in the world. They are all such amazing human beings and so very kind and sweet to me. I am very blessed.

Also of note are two new toys, one of which I have already added to my collection and the other that's on its way. I bought myself an electronice Dymo labler. I love it. It prints out these nifty little tags that I can use to organize my unmounted rubber stamp boxes and things like that. I also have a Rubicoil on its way. I decided that it was worth it for me to buy one, since I do enough collaboratives to make it necessary. I love TOYS!! Tools, gizmos, art supplies! FUN!!

And the countdown to Artfest continues. Only 57 more sleeps!! Speaking of which, if I head off now, that's one more crossed off the calender! G'night!

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