Saturday, January 21, 2006


I went to my library and picked up Alphabetica. I am still waiting for my copy to show up but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a sneak peek. I am telling you, this book made me want to run straight home and MAKE ART! It's phenomenal! If you are looking for a book that will inspire you over and over again, this is it!

The pictures are beautiful, the artwork is gorgeous and you will find yourself pouring over each page to take in the tiniest of details. There are also really great instructions and ideas shared throughout. I know when I get my copy, I am going to be tabbing it and making notes and all that artsy good stuff.

Lynn Perrella, wherever you are, I adore you! You write the most amazing books and I am so incredibly glad you do! My new rule is that if it has your name on it, I am buying it!

RUN, don't walk to your nearest bookstore and get this book! You won't be disappointed!

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