Monday, January 09, 2006

Food For Thought

Recently I have been thinking about how people react to other people's success. It's been interesting to see who celebrates with you and who lets the green-eyed monster of jealousy rear it's ugly head. It's been difficult for me to deal with the latter, since I am the first one to congratulate someone if they are doing well and I am also the person who will prop someone up and encourage them if they are not.

I think the reason some people react negatively is because they have this mistaken idea that there is a finite amount of success and if you are having it, it means their chances of finding it decrease. I have no idea where this comes from! The Universe doesn't work that way. My truth is that if I am successful at something, it means I can stop working so hard for a minute, take a breath, then put my hand out and pull someone up with me.

I was sharing these thoughts with a friend and she shared this with me:
(It says "woman", but I would actually say "being" instead.)

Ten Commandments of Creative Women

1. You will always remember: You are a creative woman.
2. You will honor your creativity by nurturing it.
3. You will honor your sister's creativity by nurturing it also.
4. You will allow yourself to take creative risks.
5. You will use your creativity to express and increase the beauty of the world.
6. You will use your creativity to express truth.
7. You will use your creativity to see more beauty.
8. You will allow yourself and your art to be a work in progress.
9. You will allow your creativity to be the "true voice" you hear when others may scoff.
10. You will accept and love yourself during times of feeling fallow, trusting this quiet time is necessary to precede new birth or creation

I think this would be a great thing to print off and keep in your workspace. It's good to remember to be kind and careful about how we treat other people. We are all striving to be our best selves, whether we are artists or not and it doesn't take anything away from you if you are supportive of another person's success. It actually says alot about your integrity if you can have a moment of "Gee, I wish that was me too" and then be truly happy for someone else.

When in doubt, do what is kind.


altermyworld said...

Thank you Faith for writing this. I struggle with my art friends moving on, alot has to do with feeling like they are going to forget me, etc....your little blurb made me see the light and to rejoice in their small or large truimphs. What a great lesson. Sometimes we don't realize how we touch someone else life by a few words, and let me tell you, you did just that. No need to respond back to me....your the tops.
Ang (alter my world)

Tatterededge said...

Thanks Ang, Sweet of you to say. Hugs!