Thursday, February 02, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Sarah of Rustic Designs has left the challenge for us to list 5 of our guilty pleasures. Here are mine:

1. Reality shows: Starting Over, Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol. I watch all of them faithfully. (EEK!) The Amazing Race is an interesting way to see the world and Phil is just adorable. American Idol is just too darn funny. Who tells these people they can sing?!

2. Starbuck's Chai Lattes. At $6 a pop, my husband would have a COW if he knew I was addicted. (Although his Tim Horton's habit is pretty fierce. He goes almost daily while I only go about once every 2 weeks.) What are they putting in these beverages to get us hooked? Crack?

3. Blogging. (Are you really all that surprised?) I love being able to read what my artsy pals are up to and see all the eyecandy. I have a huge list I scroll through twice daily. I enjoy writing here too! I can't tell you how many people have looked at me strangely when they hear I blog or ask me what the heck that is and why people would do it. It seems weird to me that they don't know!

4. Monster Truck Shows. When we first got together, my husband was really surprised to find out that I love these events. I get a kick out of demolition derbies and motocross racing. I have no idea why-it's not really a Canadian past time, but when this kind of thing comes to town I buy tickets. I have even bumped into some people I know while at the event and they are always shocked to see me there. Once my husband told a co-worker that we were going and the guy made a comment about him dragging me along. He was baffled when my husband told him that I was the one who bought the tickets! One of the funniest things I ever saw at the Monster Truck show was skidoo racing on dirt-sparks were flying everywhere!

5. Disco Music. Don't ask me why-I just love it. The older I get, the more I enjoy it. In fact when I was about 10, I took disco dance lessons. (Isn't that totally geeky?! Well if John Travolta ever comes knocking, I can do the Hustle with full confidence!) The Bee Gees, ABBA, Boney M...I love it all! Brickhouse is my favourite-you can't listen to that song without getting your boogie on!

So what are your guilty pleasures? Do tell!


Misty Mawn said...

I really enjoy your writing! I wish I had more time to devour all of it! :)

Tatterededge said...

Well thank you very much! :)

kathywas said...

Ut oh! I confess...I found my double!! Another reality show TV viewer! I hate it when I miss one. Didn't realize that American Idol had started up again...and Amazing Race? I think we need a TV Guide of JUST the reality shows on TV. It sure would be easier to keep up with!

Tatterededge said...

LOL Kathy! I still need to add your blog to my links. GOing to do that right now! HTML is my friend, HTML is my friend...