Thursday, February 23, 2006

Postal Delights!

On Tuesday I received a parcel pick up notice. When I went down to collect my parcel yesterday, I had no idea who had sent what. Once I had the box in hand, I realized it was my returns for the Art Erratica Danglies Swap!

The first heart is from Melissa Mc Cobb Hubble and is this rich, gorgeous combination of velvet and fabric, beads and sequins. Utterly delighful!

The second comes from Lisa. I love how she used a variety of materials. It's delicious!

The third is from Tuatha. The copper work is beautiful.

Enchy made the Polymer clay shrine. I really love the colours and the dangly part is wonderful.

The anatomically correct heart is the work of Jane Wynn. I remember seeing her post pic of her work awhile back and I had *SO* hoped to find one in my mail box. I am delighted to have one in my posession!! What you can't tell from this photo is that when you hold the heart up to the light, the light shines through like stained glass.

Everyone's work is so beatiful and impressive and I am so pleased with everything I received. Now the trick is to find a special place to hang them all.

*If you liked Melissa's heart and would like one for your very own, she has them for sale! Here is her shop.*

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