Friday, May 19, 2006

Artfiberfest Anyone?!?

Hey gang, if any of you who are reading this are planning to attend AFF, please give me a shout out, post, whatever and let me know! I really have no idea who's coming and I just want to be sure and meet you if you are going to be there.

It was really cool at Artfest to have people come up and say "Oh Tattered Edge, I know you!!" and they had either seen my website or read my blog. It was kind of like old home week and it's always nice to know who visits with me here.

Only 32 more sleeps!!


Mary Stanley said...

I am definitely coming and can't wait to meet first artFiberfest..teaching and taking a class..see you soon! Mary Stanley

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I am really excited about another artfest experience next month-I had such a good time in March it has me pumped about this one!! Can't wait to meet you and take your class!!

Unknown said...

you know i'm goin'! can't wait! :)