Thursday, October 26, 2006

You Can't Keep An Artist Down!

Just a quick post to share with you Scolarly Mona. I am in the last few month of a calender RR that is being hosted by Kathy Wasilewski. The crow and eggs are from the Painted Ladies rubber sheet from Green Pepper Press. I bought this sheet because I am crazy about eggs and Michelle made a series that you can overstamp to make authentic looking bird's eggs.

Mona's cat glasses are a stamp from Tracy Roos which I covered with silver German Glass Glitter from Papier Valise. I painted the background with a coarse stainless steel paint from Golden so it has not only texture, but an iredescence to it. Nothing like mixing it up a little!

Anyway, if I am a little quiet these days, it's because I am decidedly not well. I have been working a little then climbing back into bed, then getting up and working a little more. I'm having issues with ear/sinus infections and really painful headaches, as a result. NOT FUN! So far it's been three weeks of this and it's wearing thin. I see more surgery in my future. *cringe* Oh the joys of being me! I am just grateful for hardcore antibiotics and universal health care. When I think about how alot of people in the world have to make do without access to either, I fully realize it could be alot worse. Perspective is everything.

Okay, off to make some tea!

*if you want to see what other people have done with Michelle's stamps, have a peek here.


Jeannine said...

Oh I love this piece, L! It's artistic and whimsical ... fabulous!

kathywas said...

Oh, I just LOVE this! Maybe Mona will smile now that she can see!! LOL!!

tracy loves pink! said...

YAY!! What a wonderful surprise to peek in and find this! you're such a sweetheart...can I use this artwork with your name when and if I ever make an example page with my rubberstamp art?
Happy anniversary. what an accomplishment. you deserve nothing but glorious.

art spirit said...

Mona with glasses! What a great it! loved your squirrel story too...
xo mary