Friday, November 10, 2006

In Solidarity

One of our art sisters has been drafted. She's been drafted into the legion of women who are battling breast cancer. JoAnnA Pierotti posted to her blog that she will undergo a mastectomy and chemo in the next little while. I can only imagine how scary it was to be told that not only does she have cancer, but now she is going to have to fight for her life.

Although I don't know JoAnnA very well, we have travelled in some of the same art circles and her work is so beautiful. My experience of JoAnna is that she is a sweet spirit and is always very friendly and positive. I know that those qualities will help her get through this difficult and challenging time . I also know that having friends you can count on to stand by you when things get rough makes all the difference in the world, which is why I am posting this "Breast Friends" icon to my journal. I just want JoAnnA to know I am thinking about her and holding good thoughts for her recovery and healing. If you would like to join me as a show of solidarity for her, please email me and I be happy will send you the button. (Please do not hotlink to this post.)

"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."
~C.C. Scott

There has been such a swift response to this post! There was a suggestion from Shari Schneider to host a collaborative book for Joanna to show our support for her at this time. I am happy to be able to host. Here are the details if you would like to participate:

Breast Friends Collaborative

Page size: 4 1/4inches wide x 5 inches high

Art: Please create art that focusses on courage, hope and healing. You can include song lyrics, poems, quotes or anything that expresses postive energy. Please include the words: From your "Breast Friend_(your name)_" on the back along with your contact information.

Charm: In addition to your page, please create a small charm to go with it. This can be anything relating to your page to signify friendship, love, etc. Please keep the charm SMALL so it will be comfortable to wear on a bracelet and be sure to add a jumpring or loop for hanging. You can place your charm in a small ziploc bag when you mail.

Embellishments: Please keep embellishments LOW PROFILE (no heavy 3D please!) and if you want to have things sticking out or hanging off the page, embellish the top or right hand side only. (So the book will be able to stand up!) Please remember to also keep the left hand side of the page clear so that it can be punched.

Deadline: Please be sure and mail your pages to me on or before Dec. 4th. It's just one page so 3 weeks should be plenty of time! Please email me at tatterededge at shaw dot ca for my snail mail address. It would be wise to place your artwork inside a Ziploc bag and insert a piece of cardboard. This will keep it from being damaged.

Please email me if you plan to participate so I know how many pages to expect and watch for in the mail. Thanks!


Crystal said...

Lelainia thank-you for doing this for JoAnnA. It really helps to feel like we can help her in some way. I'll be contacting you to sign up and to get the button for my blog.

Joan said...

Lelainia--I would like to participate, but have never done so before. Is cardstock okay? Is digital okay? And when I finally figure out how, I would like to add the JoAnnA banner to my new blog. Many thanks!

Chel said...


I do know JoAnnA well - and I know how touched and lifted she is by your post and comments on this blog.

Thank you for doing this! I would be happy to post your glorious button on all the following websites:

Again, thank you for speaking out and creating this sweet and important symbol, on behalf of JoAnnA! She is SO dearly loved, by so many!

xo - Chel

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, I am so behind on everything that I missed her post and just read yours. I, of course, would like to make a page and post the button on my blog and Portals in which she was a featured artist. Please send it to me. Thanks!!

Judy K said...

Thank you for doing this for JoAnnA. She is such a sweetie and a wonderful friend. I would love to participate in the Breast Friends Collaborative and would you send me the "Friends of JoAnnA" button? I didn't see any email so mine is

Judy K

Stacie Rife said...

SUPER! Count ME IN!!!! Absolutely!!!! Can you please send me the button too?? Thank you Lelainia.. JoAnna is a very special person and deserves our support and so much more!!!! We can all help her through this!!!

Joan said...

Hi, Please include me in your list, I've never met JoAnna in person only via e-mails and she has struck me as one of those super people who also go that extra mile to make things different / better for those in contact with her
crafty in italy

Anonymous said...

I would like to participate,please send me the button