Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter Wonderland

We have SNOW!! After last week's major rain/wind storms that left laots of damage, flooding and an 8 day long boiled water advisory, we had a snowstorm yesterday. Yes, I live in Canada but NO, snow is not a common occurance on the west coast at lower elevations. Needless to say, it's wrecked havoc here-lots of trees are bending and snapping with the weight of extremely wet snow. As a result, power lines are being comprimised. We have been lucky-no damage at our house and out power is okay. (Knock wood!) The only hardship I had was spending 1/2 hour working on getting my car doors open. The locks weren't frozen-the door itsself was frozen in the jam. It ended up we pouted cold water in the cracks and managed to work it open. Unbelieveable!!

The main roads are plowed and sanded, but the side streets are a mess. We are on a dead end so driving in and out of our street can be a challenge. Thanks goodness I grew up in Winnipeg, the home of winter so I know how to drive safely in these conditions. I also have my snow tires on and front wheel drive. Dh shovled the entire drive three times over the last 24 hours so we are down to the pavement. I am sure the postal carrier was much releived to find that when she arrived here this morning! In some places, the snow was over a foot deep! trips to the PO today to do mail outs. I only went to a medical appointment because it was important. (Of course it was in the hilliest city!)LOL!

To see more pretty pics of our snow laden neighbourhood, check out my son's blog.


Shari Beaubien said...

This is just a beautiful picture, Lelainia! But I remember from living in Michigan that looking at the snow is much different than trying to carry on living in it! Stay warm. Hugs, Shari

AscenderRisesAbove said...

amazing photo; of all the snows out there this is the best; very wet for building snowmen; but hard on the phone lines!

enjoyed visiting your sons blog; nice macro photo shots!

enjoyed visiting your blog again!

lindaharre said...

Stay safe and stay warm......We are getting the aftermath of your storm here is St. Louis today! Wow, we got off school an hour early and the roads were treacherous! Took forever to get home. Hope they call school off tomorrow, but somehow I doubt it! We NEVER get a snow day:)