Friday, January 05, 2007

Book Junkie

So I have been cooped up at home alot lately and was getting a little stir crazy. I had to go for a test this morning so I took a detour over to my library, even though it was snowing. (That should tell you how desperate I am-we rarely get snow on the west coast and when we do, the roads are mayhem!)

Anyway, my library has a bunch of discard shelves in the hall where they sell off their unwanted books for 10c or so, depending on what it is. I decided to have a look, since I often find little gems-really old dictionaries and such.

On one shelf, there were 6 little books, all with pretty embossed burgundy leather spines. Upon closer inspection, I discovered they were actually set of readers, in mint condition. They are copyrighted 1881 and have these wonderful old-timey illustrations. Book one is pretty thick with lots of pictures. Book two is a tad thicker, still a fair number of pictures. Book three, thicker still and less pictures. By the time you get to book six, it's very thick, no pictures. (Which I found rather amusing!) The sign taped beneath them indicated the set was $10. How on earth could I walk away and leave them there? I didn't! They are now happily ensconced on my shelf!

I also picked up "Biology Made Simple" from 1956 that has funny diagrams in it and a French lesson book from 1966 with all kinds of cartoon type pictures in it. Both books were 10c each! Finding all that made the detour worthwhile!


karenann young said...

That is so cool that you found such great books! They sure can run hot and cold. Sometimes I can easily find good ones and other times I can't find a thing. I know to pick up good ones when I find them, as long as they are a good price.

LJ is down for me. Must be working on it!

Anonymous said...

What a great stash of treasures you found but the readers are the big winners in my book. (pun intended, teehee).

liz said...

that is SO cool!! i love it that the readers gradually have less pictures--"you WILL be able to read without clues by the time you get to reader six"!!!LOL! glad you made it out and are feeling a bit better!
liz xx

Anonymous said...

I love old books! I have a few that I have found at yardsales! I love your site! ..I have a question..I am getting ready to host a Raven/Crow chunky book. Do you mind if I post the link to your Flikr site with the 4 & 20 blackbirds? So that everyone can get an idea! PS..I know Ang W. heh heh! Thank you so much!