Saturday, January 20, 2007

Weekend Update

Aeons ago, (November actually) I made these little pieces of art for a Divine Definations swap. The idea was you took an interesting word and then created art around it. I knew right away I wanted to work on "paradigm". It's a odd but powerful word.

I created a little charm (on the bottom right) to illustrate the word and then made a tiny booklet talking about the concept. I housed it all in an altered matchbox. The swap has finally gone out, so I can share my part of it with you now. Everyone's pieces have been tucked into a tin and mine should be arriving soon! I can't wait to see what everyone did.

It's a pretty busy time for me right now. I am in the middle of the Be My Valentine gift exchange. I am preparing for 3 different classes in February. I am working on new classes. I am doing design work and also working on art for an upcoming book. I have a couple of pieces that are going to be published in magazines in the next little while. You can bet I have a detailed to-do list keeping me on schedule!

Only 67 more days till Artfest!! I am *so* looking forward to getting away for a few days and refilling my creative well, visiting with old friends and making some new ones! If you are reading this and you (yes you!) are going please post and let me know!


gina armfield said...

I was part of that swap too - can't wait to get my sweet and inspiring vessel! Yes, i am going to artfest and can't wait! I am in officer house 16a how about you?

Dawn said...

I am going to artfest...going to be in Dorm 202...hope to see you there!

Leau said...

I'll be at Artfest as well! And getting so excited!

Maija said...

Cool new blog, girl!