Monday, March 05, 2007

Art Lesson #26473

Nothing is ever as simple as you'd hoped it would be.

I started off making charms for Artfest about a month ago. I wanted to do something simple, but different. I had this stamped image that I thought would be interesting. I liked the idea of a ticket- I always see creativity as a journey.

I put that image into Publisher and created a page with multiple images, which I then printed off. I coloured the entire page by hand using my water soluble oil pastels and then colour copied the page onto cardstock. I mounted the page onto thin cardboard and cut each one out. For the backs, I did much the same thing, but printed my name and contact info.

I thought I was going to dangle something off the bottom. I had visions of a little shoe. I tried that and I didn't like how it looked. It just wasn't right. I got stuck. What was I going to do to "finish" my charm?! I think the human brain is like a computer-or at least mine is. If I put a problem in and then let it be, my brain just keeps on working on it, quietly behind the scenes until it comes up with the solution. This morning, I hit pay dirt! It came to me to make wings to add to the ticket using acetate. So now I am stamping and cutting and peeling back the carboard layers to add them in. Once that's done, I will add the jump rings. It's been a zillion little fiddly steps, since I am making 100 to swap but I like how they are turning out. Art is teaching me patience. Tenacity is nothing without patince and there is definately wisdom in not giving up.



Catherine Witherell said...

Hi Lelainia,
Thanks for visiting me! I like your charms. I have been here before, but I can never find a picture of you. I hope we see each other at Artfest as well. Going to work on more charms now. I'm shooting for 100 too.

liz said...

how fun and funky!! love them!! how many days to go? are you getting excited yet?!!! LOL!
liz xx

One Crabapple said...

perfect !!!!

Shari Beaubien said...

I can't wait to see these in person! They look/sound so cool... Hugs, Shari