Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Last night my husband asked me to come with him down to our garden. We have a series of plots in an organic community garden about 10 minutes from out house. It's located on crown land that is adjacent to a small reservation and the Fraser River. The park is teeming with wild life-coyotes, hawks, eagles, owls, bats, pheasants, killdeers, swallows, herons (and a host of other birds) rabbits and occasionally bears. I have seen everything except (thankfully!) for the bears. Because there is all this wonderful wild life there, we are committed to gardening organically so that nothing damages the ecosystem or gets into the food chain. It's a little piece of heaven. I love taking my camera down there and seeing what there is to photograph.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday reorganizing my workspace. It's been driving me crazy and if I do nothing else this summer, I am going to buy a couple really good organization units to tame the mess. (The paper mess!)I did manage to tidy up my shelves, although I am not quite finished.

I still have to reorganize my desk and the disaster underneath it. I have all those blue boxes filled with papers of all kinds but I think I would like to cover them with something so they are pretty and useful. I also think the Tetley tea box should be covered. Why do I have it? Well it is a good box-it has a lid with a flap and I keep it there to throw all the little left over scraps of paper that happen when I work on something. Eventually I use those small pieces for ATCs or I send them to a friend and we trade. I just need to pretty it up some so it doesn't look so awful sitting there! I am thinking about getting some sort of mac tac-peel and stick would be a fast way to alter the boxes.

I like to have an organized workspace because I would rather spend my time making art than searching for the materials. One thing I make sure I do every day when I am finished working is to clean everything up and put all my tools back where they belong. It helps alot to be able to sit down to a clean desk in the morning and just dive right in. I just can't work in chaos!

So, that is what I will be up to today. That and prepping for my class tomorrow. We will be working with plaster which will likely be messy but fun!

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&rew said...

I have the same problem - my stuff is scattered all over the whole house, and yes it is very frustrating to waste so much time looking for art time! Perhaps I should start taking photos of the mess and then get myself to work on sorting and organizing the mess.
Thanks for the inspiration!