Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gifts from Away

So the one bright spot in a week that started rather badly (understatement of the year, believe me!) is finding goodies from Tiffini in my mailbox. It's amazing how an artsy gift lifts one's spirits. Awhile back Tiffini had a contest on her blog and I won first prize, which was my pick of her optical necklaces. I chose this Dias de los Muertas image. I love Hispanic culture (I lived in Barcelona at one point) and even though I know it's not the same thing as Dias De Los Muertos, Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday. (It's my Gramps' birthday.) I thought it would be fun to have this pendant to wear in the fall.

Tiffini also included one of her little buttons as well. I adore little buttons. I have them all stuck on the roof inside my car. It's becoming quite the collection! THANK YOU TIFFINI! If you would like some of her wonderful unique art for your very own, you can visit her shop here. Be sure and check out the rings-very cool!

The organizing of my workspace continues. I am making headway-things are getting sorted and labelled within an inch of their lives, but it will all be worth it when I don't have to go crazy hunting for things in the future. I have also thrown out a pile of junk. It's amazing how much junk had piled up with my art stuff. (And I am saying junk as in garbage, not as in wonderful old bits for art.) My hope is that by the end of summer, I have everything ship shape so I can go into the fall with a fresh new workable space.

I have been to Ikea three times so far this week buying stuff to store my supplies in. I bought some of these in two sizes and a bunch of these to match (the red medallion ones). The red is this really nice deep vintage shade and I really love it. I figure if you are going to organize your workspace, you might as well have pretty storage solutions! I also added one more set of these to the stack I have of various drawers they make. I have 4 units stacked up and it sure holds alot of stuff! I am in the process of labelling each of the drawers, so I don't have to open every single one every time I want something. LOL! Fun-but not a good use of my creative time!
Speaking of creative time, I'd better get going!


Deb said...

What a cool pendant & SOOOOO Tiffini! Isn't she amazing?

So glad you got something in the mail to lift your spirits. (Hey, this image brings to mind a relative of yours - snicker, snicker)


tiffini elektra x said...

I am so glad it got there safely! I was so happy when I pulled your name. Fabulous choice by the way as well!